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Saas Product

  • Category HR Tech
  • Client People Works
  • Start Date January 2021
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Project Overview and Our Digital Solution

A leading HRMS software in Bangalore, India. Helping HR companies & organisations to automate HR processes & tasks

  • + Increase organic followers in LinkediN
  • + Increase connections with Creative content
  • + Increase in page visitors
  • + Infographic designs and explanory video
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Challenge, Solution and Results


Our client, a leading HR software provider, faced a significant challenge in their online presence on Linkedin and social platforms. Despite being a top player in the industry, their online engagement metrics were surprisingly low. This lack of visibility hindered their ability to connect with their target audience effectively. To thrive in the competitive HR software market, our client urgently needed to overcome this hurdle. The challenge was to craft a strategy that would not only boost their visibility but also foster engagement and interaction on the Linkedin platform.


Our tailored solytion began with a thorough assessment of the client's specific needs and industry dyhamics. We devised a comprehensive content strategy that was meticulously aligned with their goals. To address the low engagement issue, we executed a well-planned content calendar on Linkedin. This approach emphasized the importance of consistency, ensuringa regular flow of valuable content and eye-catching designs. By delivering unique, informative, and visually appealing content, we effectively captured the atterntion of the target audience. Over time, our client saw a substantial increase in their Linkedin engagement numbers, with a growing community of engaged customers. The successful execution of this strategy not only improved their online presence but also translated into tangible business results as they attracted new customers and strengthened their brand's authority in the HR software domain.

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  • Reach Increase in Visibilty
  • Profile Regular Optimization
  • Content Innovative Content
  • Branding Consistent branding
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