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Hotels & Tourism

  • Category Hotels & Tourism
  • Client Saishishir Tour
  • Start Date January 2021
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Project Overview and Our Solutions

One of the top & premium travel agencies in Bangalore focused on all indian Pilgrim packages & Shirdi package through flights

  • + Design & Create a Website to Enhance User Experience
  • + Boost Website Traffic and Generate Leads through SEO Optimization
  • + Improve Online Presence via Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • + Leverage PPC campaign strategy and generate leads
  • + Engage and Retarget Customers through Whatsapp marketing
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Challenge, Solution and Results


The client confronted a perplexing dilemma: notwithstanding their prominent position as an industry leader in the offine sector, they found themselves without a unifed digital strategy. This shortfall posed a signiñicant obstacle to their expansion efforts and competitive advantage The dearth of a captivating online presence served as a hindrance to customer engagement, brand visibility, and revenue generation Furthermore, the urgency to swiftly establish a strong digital footprint added to the challenge at hand.


Our team inftiated a comprehensive digital transformation to overcome these challenges. We began by crafting a visually appealing, user-friendly website with fresh branding effectively conveying their offine prowess to the online audience. Simultaneously, we devised a targeted digital marketing strategy, leveraging social media platforms and Google Ads to boost their online visibility and customer engagement This strategic approach yielded remarkable results, with a 40% increase in revenue within just six months. Furthermore, we facilitated their expansion by helping them grow their team and optimize ticket pricing, solidifying their position as an industry leader in both the offine and digital spheres.

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  • Website Better UI & UX
  • Social Media Consistent Content Creation
  • Organic Search Improved Traffic and Relevancy
  • ROI 5X improved Revenue
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