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We bring innovative design thinking to even the most difficult business problems. We provide the most beautiful, engaging, and powerful experiences for your customers through an unwavering commitment to creativity.
Process 1
Digital Research
We integrate online and digital technology to research, generate data, analyse markets, and stay on top of trends and innovations. Our team will analyse the challenges, scope of improvements, and solutions that can improve the results through diverse research and development.
Competitor Research
Digital Research
Customer Observations
Digital Analysis
Process 2
Digital Strategy
In our experience, successful digital transformation must rest on a foundation of smart digital strategy. Defining your brand through effective digital strategy. Considering your online presence and use of digital platforms we help you outline and create a clear path to strategic goals and suggest you the right platforms to grow your business digitally.
Process 3
Digital Experience
Providing you and your customers a seamless digital experience. Creating a right digital experience platforms for you to interact with your customers and provide value to your business. A customer's journey can begin and end digitally, so creating a cohesive, contextual digital customer experience that addresses customer needs is more pressing than ever.
Your Solution
Content Marketing
Quality content is essential for attracting the attention of search engines. We will help you turn your target audience into customers by utilising digital and online platforms. Create content that is informative, memorable, and convincing. We are skilled writers who create engaging, value driven website and social media content for your company. Let us emphasize your brand, product, and service by communicating with your customers via unique, creative, and informative campaigns and content design.
Content Writing
Content Writing
Content Calendar
Branding Content
Content Planning & Strategy
Paid Media Marketing
We make every click count. If you want to increase your conversions and ROI consider investing in PPC! We build integrated campaign strategies that are grounded in real-time audience data. Using your ad budget effectively by creating ads that matter to your audience and drive traffic while measuring ROI. Your customers start with a Google search, we make sure that they end up on your website.
Google Ads
Performance Marketing
Social Media Ads
Amazon & Flipkart
Sponsored ads
Organic Marketing
When others only look at the surface, we delve deep into insight and analytics to better understand your business requirements. A little SEO, social media optimisation, and page optimization may go a long way! SEO is an essential component of increasing website traffic and search engine rankings. The visual identity of your brand is defined through social media pages, and optimising the page and content will result in excellent organic results. We are looking for strategies to position your social media platforms and website at the top of search engines as competition intensifies.
SEO - Sarch Engine Optimisation
Content Marketing
Social Media Optimisation
Online Reputation Management
Social Media Optimisation
Design & Development
Empathy, Expensive Thinking, and Experimentation! These three elements are the essence of design. Bringing your product to life and generating brand results through creative design language. Your content design and website are your window to the world; ensure it has a decent view by incorporating an engaging design. The design should not only be aesthetically pleasing, but it should also be credible and express the essence of what the buyer expects. We employ technology to create the most inventive websites that engage customers and develop businesses. The feel is all about creating something that is "fun to use," which implies fostering excellent.
Graphic Design
Website Development
Branding Design
UI/UX Design
Your brand should define your Purpose, Value & Promise. Our objective is to attract and maintain engaged customers and other stakeholders by delivering a product that is always aligned with what the brand promise. In a nutshell, a product is what you sell, a brand is the perceived image of the product you offer, and we come up with a branding strategy for creating that image either through a visual content or product shoots.
Branding Strategy
Online Branding
Brand Design
Brand Shoot
Product Branding
When you work with nxuniq, you do not hire a digital marketing team; instead, you create an internal team that listens to and understands your needs in order to give you with the best digital solutions. In this fast-paced disruptive economy, our team has developed a genuinely integrated set of capabilities and knowledge that will assist you in propelling your business growth, increasing digital revenues, and transforming your organisation into a digital first organisation.
The Integration and Expertise That Boost Your Growth
Our unique collaborations and years of experience with the most successful growth tools can accelerate your growth and help you scale your business.
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