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Design Institute

  • Category Fashion
  • Client Vogue
  • Start Date January 2021
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Project Overview and Our Digital Solutions

A leading design institute in bangalore providing diploma & degree in Fashion, Interior, Jewellery, Product & Architecture deisgn. Founded in 1996

  • + Build Engagement across social Channels
  • + Showcasing student's work and build audience interest
  • + Optimize the Campaign cost and drive leads
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Challenge, Solution and Results


Our client faced the challenge of establishing a robust social media presence and expanding their reach to engage with untapped audiences. They needed to curate compelling content while concurrently generating valuable leads to bolster their institute's growth. This required navigating the dynamic landscape of social media platforms, where visibility and relevance are paramount. Building an effective strategy to leverage their existing resources while attracting new audiences was a formidable task. The challenge lay in striking a balance between content creation, audience engagement, and lead generation, all within the realm of organic reach.


To tackle the challenge head-on, we formulated a comprehensive solution. We initiated by crafting a tailored content strategy, drawing from the institute's resources. Engaging with the existing student community was a priority, as it not only strengthened the institution's online presence but also acted as catalyst for reaching out to new, like-minded audiences. Our strategy focused on increasing both the quantity and quality of engagements across social channels, thereby enhancing brand visibility. We strategically employed contests to generate leads organically, fostering a sense of community and excitement around the institute. This multifaceted approach not only built a formidable social presence but also drove tangible results in the form of increased numbers, engagements, and lead generation, accomplishing the client's objectives.

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